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    The Streaming Analytics service is announcing the availability of container plans in the London, United Kingdom (EU-GB) region and the deprecation of virtual machine (VM) plans in US South and United Kingdom regions.

    What is IBM Streaming Analytics?
    The Streaming Analytics service is an advanced analytic platform, which enables user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze, and correlate information as it arrives from a wide variety of real-time data sources. Analysis of structured and unstructured streaming data like text, video, audio, geospatial, and sensor data helps organizations spot opportunities and risks to make decisions in near real-time.

    What are the new features in the United Kingdom region?
    The IBM Streaming Analytics team is excited to announce additional plans for the Streaming Analytics service in the United Kingdom region. This region already provides multiple VM-based plans for deploying streams applications. However, we are now adding container-based plans for the region in line with plans that are already available in our United States and Germany regions. These container plans include an option for trial exploration of the service capabilities and multiple tiers for application development, testing, or production deployment. These services run on a Kubernetes container-based infrastructure. Our plan offerings are as follows:
    • A Lite plan that provides a single, 1-core container
    • Two Entry plans that use 1-core containers with hourly or monthly billing
    • Two Enhanced plans that use 4-core containers with hourly or monthly billing
    • Two Premium plans that use 16-core containers with hourly or monthly billing
    To explore plan costs, use the cost calculator and select your country for local currency rates.

    What are the feature changes in the US South and United Kingdom regions?
    With the availability of the more advanced container plans in all current Streams regions, the VM-based plans in the United Kingdom and United States are being deprecated. Container plans provide improved capabilities as well as identical pricing to VM plans. A trial plan for containers is also available in all regions. Container plan instances will experience a lower level of planned outages as functional and maintenance updates are applied. Although the deprecation of VM plans does not prevent the creation of new instances or the continued use an existing instance, you are encouraged to begin the process of migrating applications to the new container plans immediately.

    What are the key dates for the VM plan deprecation?
    • The deprecation has been announced as of October 30, 2018.
    • The End of Marketing date is December 11, 2018. As of the End of Marketing date, you will not be able to create new instances using the VM plans. Existing instances will continue to run.
    How do you get started with the Streaming Analytics service?
    To get started with services in any region: This information originated in the IBM Streaming Analytics: Announcements and Deprecations article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.