Important Announcement: Updates to IBM Cloud data security and protection terms
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    This past November we updated our Service Description for IBM Cloud to include our data protection terms, which provides additional information regarding data protection for our clients, incorporates the IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA), and ensures compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679) (GDPR) that goes into effect next month (May 2018).

    These new terms, which will be specified that Data Sheets from IBM Cloud, will be available for each service offering. They will contain information to inform you of the technical and organizational measures in place to protect your data, including any personal information that might be subject to data protection regulations, including GDPR.

    We are continuing the process of creating and publishing these Data Sheets for each IBM Cloud service offering. You can find all current available Data Sheets on our Cloud Service Data Security and Privacy web page. Our online Product Catalog in the IBM Cloud user interface is also updated to ensure the “Terms” link for each service offering will take you directly to the applicable Data Sheet or to the Additional SD. Service offerings with Additional SDs will contain the Data Sheet URL. You can find IBM Cloud Additional SDs on our Cloud Terms web page.

    These changes are supplementing the current descriptions to provide additional information, as required by GDPR. They also are providing you with full transparency of the security measures and commitment IBM takes to secure your data. We appreciate you and your business, and look forward to supporting you with the IBM Cloud.

    If you have any questions about these changes, you can contact your account representative or the IBM Cloud sales team.

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