Customer action needed: Hyper Protect Crypto Services moves from an experimental release to Beta
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    Protecting data in the cloud can be a daunting exercise for you. When you move sensitive and confidential data to the cloud, you expect to have the ability to use your own data encryption keys. You also want to be sure that no one has access to these keys. This scenario especially applies to highly regulated industries like FSS and Healthcare.

    IBM now offers two choices for cloud key management: IBM Key Protect and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services. IBM Key Protect supports Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for protecting data at rest. If you are looking for greater control over your data encryption keys and hardware security modules (HSMs), a Beta release of the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services is now available. This service, which was previously an experimental release, is a dedicated key management and cloud HSM service. If you have an experimental release instance of the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, we ask that you to move to the Beta release. We are going to sunset the experimental release based on the following information:
    • The End of Experimental Date is 5 February 2019. As of this date, you cannot provision new experimental instances of the Hyper Protect Crypto Services.
    • Existing experimental instances will be supported until the End of Experimental Support date, which is 5 March 2019.
    • For a period of 30 days after the End of Experimental Date, which is through 5 March 2019, all existing instances will continue to be available on the Services dashboard in the IBM Cloud Console. For this period of time, we will continue to support existing instances.
    • We will delete any experimental instances that are still provisioned as of the End of Experimental Support Date. Delete your experimental service instances before the End of Experimental Support date.
    This information originated in the Announcing IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services – BETA article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.