Maintenance: Internet Services
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • Sydney
    United Kingdom
    US East
    US South
  • Description

    Update Description: During this maintenance window, a third-party vendor will migrate a database to improve the security and performance of the service.

    Maintenance Duration: 60 minutes

    Type of Disruption: Existing service instances and provisioning new service instances.

    Disruptive Description: During this maintenance window, you will not be able to add or delete a domain configuration for use with the service. You will receive 500 HTTP status codes in API responses. However, changes to the configuration of existing domains, such as adding, deleting, and adding DNS, Global Load Balancing (GLB), and so on, will not be impacted. Also, the data path for the service, such as DNS requests, caching (CDN), GLB, and so on, will be unaffected.

    Disruption Duration: 60 minutes