RESOLVED: Intermittent issues opening API Connect service instances in US South
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • US South
  • INC0109595
  • Description
    An intermittent issue has been identified when using the Console UI to open API Connect service instances. Navigation to service instances in the Console UI dashboard view is not working consistently for APIc. We are working to resolve this issue.

    Workaround for opening APIc service instances: Instead of navigating to your APIc service instance with the Console UI and the Dashboard navigation option, use the APIs navigation option (under the hamburger menu). Once there, be sure to check that you have the appropriate settings in the Console UI for REGION, CLOUD FOUNDRY ORG, CLOUD FOUNDRY SPACE and then choose the big button in the middle of the page that says Launch API Connect.

    2018-05-21 - 20:25 UTC: This issue has been resolved. Accessing API Connect services instances from the dashboard is now working as expected.