New Beta offering: IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment
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  • Sydney
    US East
    US South
  • Description
    We are updating a fresh and exciting capability on the IBM Cloud as we release our Beta version of the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment. It is an on-demand, single-customer Platform-as-a-Service on IBM Cloud.

    This offering allows you to create and manage isolated Cloud Foundry environments for hosting applications exclusively for your organizations. It provides on-demand self-service provisioning, elastic consumption, and complete access to administrative capabilities. It can make seamless use of the vast catalog of IBM Cloud services and enable you to build complex applications with a wide range of services including Watson AI. This announcement is a follow up to the Experimental launch a few months ago.

    Key features
    This offering provides a range of benefits to Enterprise customers including:
    • A tenant-specific Cloud Foundry environment with optional hardware isolation
    • Self-service on-demand automated provisioning directly from the IBM Cloud catalog
    • Ability to scale provisioned capacity on-demand, which will allow you to have control over environment costs and rapid business flexibility
    • Full administrative control over the standard certified Cloud Foundry platform
    • Integration with the full catalog of IBM Cloud services
    • Availability in many IBM Cloud regions for meeting geo-specific privacy concerns
    • Ability to run all Cloud Foundry application workloads on an infrastructure provisioned in your IBM Cloud account
    • Access to a one-stop-shop with the PaaS platform, underlying infrastructure, invoicing, and support
    How to engage
    Beta access is now universally available in the US South, US East, Germany, and Sydney public regions. For the duration of the Beta, there will not be a charge for the Cloud Foundry component of the offering. However, there will be charges for the infrastructure and dependent services in conjunction with the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment.

    For additional information about this Beta offering, see the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (Beta) article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.