Beta release is now available!: Security Advisor
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • Dallas
  • Description
    IBM Cloud Security Advisor has attracted hundreds of users since the experimental introduction at IBM Think 2018 by providing centralized security management. Now with additional powerful capabilities, Security Advisor moves from an experimental release to a Beta release.

    Security Advisor brings your IBM Cloud security into one dashboard and console to enable centralized security management for the security admin. This Beta release includes the following functionality:
    • Enables you to manage and browse all configured and available security services
    • Provides an updated central dashboard with key indicator counts for at a glance status and change
    • Displays dashboard highlights “findings” to speed investigation into important security issues
    • Enables you to enrich your dashboard experience with a custom card from your own provider or services
    • Enables you to include your own security provider or services to unify your security management and visibility
    • Provides many APIs
    Try out Security Advisor for free during the Beta period. With the automated retention policy, you will have enough time to investigate and resolve while also meeting minimal retention periods in most environments.

    You can enable the Beta without any migration steps by visiting the dashboard through the catalog or the left-hand menu. The Security Advisor service is available in the US-South public region during the Beta period. You can get help with Security Advisor technical questions on Stack Overflow or on IBM Developer Answers.

    For more information about this service, see the IBM Cloud Security Advisor Is Now Beta article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.