RESOLVED: Issues with slow responses or timeouts
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • Sydney
  • INC0096628
  • Description
    Users may currently be experiencing slow responses or timeout conditions for requests to applications running in the region. Slow responses may also impact slow or failed logins to the region.

    The operations team is currently investigating.

    UPDATE 2018-04-30 17:25 UTC: Services hosted in the region may also be impacted by the current issue.

    UPDATE 2018-04-30 18:30 UTC: Application management actions for Cloud Foundry applications such as push, restage, scale, etc will also be impacted by the current issue.

    UPDATE 2018-04-30 19:50 UTC: The current connectivity issue is also impacting the container service for instances running in the AP-SOUTH center.

    UPDATE 2018-04-30 20:55 UTC: Impact to the AP South container service has been identified as a different cause. The issue is now resolved and a separate notification is available.

    UPDATE 2018-04-30 22:55 UTC: Response times and timeout issues have been mitigated and the region is responding normally. Until full resolution is completed, management of custom domains and certificates will be unavailable.

    UPDATE 2018-05-01 00:15 UTC: Issues with request response times and timeout have been resolved. Issues with cert and custom domain management can be tracked under a separate notification.