Third-party service deprecations: BlazeMeter, Diffusion Cloud from Push Technology,, Catalog, PubNub, and Ustream
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    We will like to inform you that we are retiring the following services on August 23, 2018: *This service is being removed as a third-party service as the version in our catalog was added prior to the IBM acquisition.

    Here’s what you need to know:
    • New services instances cannot be provisioned. However, existing instances will continue to be supported until the End of Support date, which is August 23, 2018.
    • Through August 23, 2018, all existing instances for these services will continue to be available through the command line.
    • Any instance of these services that is still provisioned as of the End of Support date will be deleted.
    • Delete your service instances before the End of Support date.
    Visit the third-party service providers’ web sites directly for more information on their products and services.

    This information originated in the Third-Party Service Deprecations article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.