Updated: Maintenance: IBM Cloud Platform (routers only)
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • US East
  • 861627
  • Description
    Update Description: This deployment is proactive maintenance for all of the network routers in the environment. Deployments will take place between 9 PM and 3 AM each day.

    The duration of each interruption will be less than the full maintenance window. A very short disruption is likely to occur during the reboot process. We strongly suggest that you take advantage of multi-region deployment of critical apps, where applicable, to minimize the disruption to your production apps. We also recommend using 3 or more instances for each critical app within each individual region.

    We will make every effort to minimize the disruption. We will closely monitor the progress and provide periodic general updates on the IBM Cloud Status page.

    Maintenance Duration: 600 minutes

    Type of Disruption: Other

    Disruptive Description: A short disruption is expected to occur during the upgrade process. It will briefly impact the connectivity to your environment. Although the total disruption will be 15 minutes, there might be multiple short outages for a total of 15 minutes during this time.

    Disruption Duration: 15 minutes