Action Required: Apache Kafka V0.9 Java client upgrade
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    The IBM Event Streams service, which was formerly known as the Message Hub service, is a fully supported Apache Kafka-as-a-service offering from IBM. As the open source community continues to evolve Apache Kafka, we will bring these changes forward in the Event Streams implementation as well.

    What do you need to know?
    Apache Kafka Version 0.9 Java client users must upgrade to Version 0.10.00 or later. We are removing support for our custom Java archive (JAR) login module, which has enabled Apache Kafka 0.9 Java clients to interact with the Event Streams service. Apache Kafka 0.9 Java client users must upgrade to Version 0.10.00 or later and follow the migration steps that are described in the Migrating a Kafka client from 0.9.X or 0.10.X to later client versions documentation.

    This information updates our original announcement.
    Note: The change will be final at the end of October 2018.

    Other clients will not be impacted.

    This information originated in the IBM Event Streams (AKA Message Hub): Users of Apache Kafka 0.90.00 Java Client Must Upgrade to 0.10.00 article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.