Announcement: New IBM Cloud Support offerings for an integrated client experience!
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    As part of the next phase of our cloud journey, we are very pleased to announce the launch of our converged IBM Cloud Support offerings. We’ve been seeing a tremendous amount of excitement around IBM Cloud, especially with the integration of infrastructure services (previously available as SoftLayer) and platform services (previously available as Bluemix) under one brand — IBM Cloud. The changes we are making are a part of our ongoing journey to improve the IBM Cloud customer support experience.

    What’s New?
    We have an integrated support process to cover your IBM Cloud services. Whether you are deploying virtual servers using the infrastructure services, or starting your data integration project using the platform services, or preparing to build cognitive apps using the Watson services — your IBM Cloud service is backed by an integrated support process.

    • An integrated set of IBM Cloud tiered support offerings that covers infrastructure, platform, and Watson services on IBM Cloud.
    • All clients with IBM Cloud entitlements are entitled to Basic Support and can now interact with our technical support teams 24×7 through chat, phone, and ticketing.
    • Clients with our top support tier now have access to limited Q&A with technical experts on topics of specific interest. In addition, they will also receive invitations to IBM Cloud Insights – a group discussion series where IBM subject matter experts (SMEs) and thought leaders share strategy, ideas, and/or best practices for IBM Cloud.
    Flexibility. Simplicity. Integrated experience
    Whether you are an existing client with standalone entitlement to IaaS, PaaS or Watson services, or a new client with an IBM Cloud paid accounts, you get an integrated client support experience through IBM Cloud Support. You can find additional details on our offerings in an updated Support plans topic within the platform documentation.

    We are on a journey to deliver a world class customer support experience including cognitive self-help and streamlined access to the right experts. Stay tuned for more IBM Cloud Platform Support enhancements coming later in 2018.

    Join us in this journey by sharing your support experience and feedback on our ideas board so that we can be focused and aligned on outcomes that matter to you.

    This information originated in the IBM Cloud Support: An integrated client experience article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.