Action required: GDPR updates to the IBM Analytics Engine service
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    In consideration of European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regulations, we have made some changes to the IBM Analytics Engine Service. These changes provide improved security and compliance readiness. However, you need to take certain actions to incorporate those changes into your applications. We will make back-end service updates and not directly into running clusters.

    Actions needed:
    You are required to take action regardless of your geography or the type of data you analyze using IBM Analytics Engine. In order for your IBM Analytics Engine clusters to pick up the updates, you need to delete your existing instances and create new instances of the service. You can take these actions using the IBM Cloud Console or through the command-line interface. Refer to the IBM Analytics Engine documentation for help with creating clusters. Before you delete a cluster, ensure that any data in the cluster is copied over to IBM Cloud Object Storage and metadata, configuration scripts, and other application artifacts are backed up. You can use IBM Cloud Object Storage to store a backup of these artifacts.

    We strongly recommend that you delete existing instances and create new ones prior to the date GDPR goes into effect, which is May 25, 2018, so your use of the service will be GDPR ready.