Action required: Create new IBM Analytics Engine Clusters for additional functionality
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    The IBM Analytics Engine service now includes many updates to its cluster setup and management processes. Not only have several new fixes been added to the cluster software stack, but significant performance improvements have been made to network throughput between the IBM Analytics Engine service and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

    These changes and many other changes have been implemented to help you maximize on maintaining stateless clusters. Why are stateless clusters more efficient and effective? One enormous benefit is that it gives you the freedom to spin up new clusters and remove old clusters driven by your data analysis use-cases.

    Customizing the cluster creation process
    Customizing your cluster creation process and separating compute from storage are vital elements of moving toward achieving stateless clusters. If your data resides outside of the cluster in IBM Cloud Object Storage, you can readily change the compute power (the cluster) to include new features, other packages, important fixes, or even to increase the compute power. You can do it all without losing your data or job applications. With your data safely stored outside of the cluster, applying your use-case specific cluster customization makes creating a new cluster an easy process for you. Now that the IBM Analytics Engine service is available in different regions across the world, you can create clusters in multiple regions to avoid cluster downtime.

    Action required: Create new clusters
    As a result of these value-driven changes to IBM Analytics clusters, we encourage you to create new clusters especially if you are using clusters that were created before August 17, 2018. These older clusters do not include any of the latest updates. However, before you delete your old clusters, back up your data, metadata, and any changes that were done on the clusters. To help you create your new clusters efficiently and effectively, see our Best practices guide for recommended cluster design and deployment practices that maximize the benefits of maintaining stateless clusters.

    This information originated in the Leverage the Benefits of the Changes to IBM Analytics Engine Clusters article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.