Possible action needed: SDK for Node.js buildpack v3.23 has been removed
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    Update Description: SDK for Node.js buildpack v3.23 was rebased to the Cloud Foundry Community Node.js buildpack. Several changes in the buildpack have caused staging issues for applications that were successfully deployed using previous buildpacks. Thus, we have removed Version 3.23 of the buildpack. Version 3.22 will be the default SDK for Node.js buildpack.

    User Impact Description: If you have deployed an application using SDK for Node.js buildpack V3.22, your application will not be affected by the rollback. However, if your application has been staged using V3.23 regardless of whether the deployment was successful, then you should delete the application from the IBM Cloud before attempting to restage it with V3.22.

    New applications will automatically use the version 3.22 buildpack.