Create, Secure, and Manage APIs across clouds

Create custom APIs, apply security & subscription plans, and manage API lifecycles.


Automatically create and test APIs to expose data, microservices, enterprise applications, and SaaS services.


Easily apply built-in and extensible policies to secure, control, and mediate the delivery of APIs with unmatched scale.


Rapidly publish, govern, socialize, analyze, monitor and monetize APIs with built-in capabilities.

Get 50k calls/mo FREE forever with API Connect Lite

Get all of the API Connect features to create, manage, and secure APIs for free.

Socialize & Monetize

Socialize APIs with internal and external developers effortlessly via a fully customizable and branded self-service developer portal. Use built-in forum, blog, and messaging features to increase developer engagement.

Monetize APIs to through built-in monetization capabilities along with out-of-the-box integration with Stripe for a modern approach to creating priced API subscription plans, tracking usage, and generating bills. Enable developers to subscribe to priced API plans, set up payment and invoicing preferences, and track usage through the self-service developer portal.

Next generation of API Connect

Be among the first to try the industry’s leading scalable, multi-cloud API platform. The next generation of API Connect is a complete, modern, and intuitive API lifecycle platform to create, securely expose, and manage APIs across clouds to power digital applications.

Built from the ground up with a microservices, container, and Kubernetes architecture, the next generation of API Connect can scale with your API projects from tens to billions of API calls per day, across any cloud. Co-locate a proven, enterprise grade, yet lightweight gateway, with API backends to improve performance, latency and scale, across any cloud using API Connect Reserved Instance SaaS or customer managed API Connect environments.

Just need an API gateway? We've got you covered.

We've baked basic API Management capabilities into key areas of the IBM Cloud platform. These capabilities are completely free with your IBM Cloud account, and allow you to easily create, secure, and manage:

  • - APIs exposed by Cloud Foundry Applications on IBM Cloud
  • - APIs that wrap a set of microservices built with IBM Cloud Functions
  • - API proxies that expose backend services